Holsag has worked with Direct Supply for 12 years to help them provide designers with the best furniture for senior living communities. Currently, Direct Supply features more than 40 models of chairs and barstools constructed by Holsag on their website. They are one of our favorite partners.

Why Holsag is a Perfect Partner for Direct Supply?


  • Finely crafted wooden frames in a variety of styles
  • Warm finishes with limitless color options
  • Customized upholstery to fit any décor


  • Solid European Beech Hardwood construction
  • Sturdy mortise and tenon joints mitigate chair movement
  • Catalyzed lacquer prevents chips and dents


  • Well-built chairs backed by a strong warranty
  • High value for a reasonable price
  • Manufactured in North America with local customer support

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The unique needs of our customers come first, and Holsag understands this. They partner with me to develop chairs that align with my design concepts. They provide me with specifications based on dimensions and other qualifications set by the customer.

Holsag delivers what I’m looking for in terms of durability, performance, construction, warranty, aesthetic, and even seat height and depth. The company is always open to feedback to help me achieve the customer’s vision.

Jeanna Swiatkowski

Selections Studio Team Lead at Direct Supply

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Our customers like the style and strong joint construction of Holsag chairs, and they appreciate the solid warranty. I’ve never had an issue come up from a quality perspective.

The company is always bringing important new products to the market and they are easy to work with when it comes to customizing fabric and finish options. It has become an important and trusted relationship for us.

Doug Knutson

Corporate Account Manager at Direct Supply

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I feel a sense of security in working with Holsag. The 10-year frame warranty differentiates them from other manufacturers, and it’s easier to guarantee customer satisfaction and trust when a supplier is truly standing by our side.

Holsag always addresses any issues that come up and they never pass the buck. They offer a high value product for a reasonable price. Their team members really go out of their way to build and keep relationships.

Ashley Kent

Senior Product Manager at Direct Supply

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