Refreshing outdated furniture with stylish and functional Senior Living products can help you attract prospective residents and their families. In addition to increasing marketability, new furniture can enrich the everyday experience for your current residents.

To save you time in your search for the right products, we curated a list of the most popular Senior Living products we offer. With the information below, you can quickly and easily compare the benefits of each product to find the right fit for each space at your property.

Although there are some distinctive differences between the products, they are all ideal for Senior Living because they feature commercial-grade construction, senior-friendly dimensions, and supremely comfortable styles.

The Most Loved Customer Benefits of Our Wooden Chairs

Chair Features

Chair Features

Standard Stain Options

Upholstery Options

Custom Design Options

Faster Lead Times

Affordable Pricing

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Compare the Benefits of These Popular Chairs Below 

Depending on your property, you might need different types of chairs for each space. Some areas require comfortable chairs, while others need chairs that can be stacked for storage.

Use the chart below to compare the benefits of our 5 most popular wooden product families for Senior Living.  

  Model Options Comfort Price Point Chair Back Seat Stacking Options

Dallas Family

Dallas Chair

• Stacking Arm Chair
• Accent Arm Chair
• Side Stack Chair
• Barstool
• Barstool with Arms
*** $$ • Upholstered back & front
• 1.8-lbs foam back
• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam 4 chairs high • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters
• Barstool kickplate

England Family

England Arm Chair

• Side Chair
• Arm Chair
• Bariatric Arm Chair
** $ • Upholstered back & front
• 1.8-lbs foam back

• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam

6 chairs high • In-line wheels
• Interlocking ganging
• Bible box

Hudson Family

Hudson Chair

• Accent Arm Chair
• Arm Chair
*** $$$

• Upholstered back & front
• Curved sleigh-back with 1.8-lbs foam
• 4 outback design options:

Chair Back Styles

• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam
• Mesh-web underside
6 chairs high • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters

Remy Family

Remy Chair

• High-Back Side Chair
• Low-Back Side Chair
• Arm Chair
• Accent Arm Chair
• Bariatric Arm Chair
• Barstool
• Accent Barstool
*** $$$$ • Fully upholstered
• Webbed with burlap-
covered high-density
foam (Accent)
• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam
• Mesh-webbed underside
• Sprung seat
n/a • X–outback design
• Different back heights
• Barstool kickplate
• In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters

Sutton Chair

Sutton Chair

• Arm Chair **** $$$$$ • Open design
• Front & back upholstery
• 1.8-lbs foam
• Upholstered
23-lbs foam
• Mesh-webbed
• Sprung seat
6 chairs high • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters

The Dallas Family 

Dallas Chair Lifestyle

The sleek lines of this collection provide a contemporary twist with a slim profile that fits easily into tight spaces.

Learn more about the Dallas Family.

The England Family

England Chair Lifestyle

The simple, modest design of the England Family provide comfort and the ability to stack for easy storage.

Learn more about the England Family.

The Hudson Family 

Hudson Chair Lifestyle

The graceful sleigh-back design features an integrated arm and outside back pattern options: Plain, Widow Pane, Double X, and Art Deco.

Learn more about the Hudson Family.

The Remy Family 

Remy Chair Lifestyle

This elegantly designed collection is stylish and warm. Upholstery is visible through the wood frame on the chair back and an X-Back design is an available option.

Learn more about the Remy Family.

The Sutton Arm Chair

Sutton Chair Lifestyle

The Sutton Arm chair features a striking design with intricate upholstery and a unique open wood back that makes it an attractive addition to any room.

Learn more about the Sutton Arm Chair.

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