Are you looking to enhance your expertise in setting up weddings, galas, and formal events? Planning a successful wedding or formal event requires careful consideration of various elements, from seating arrangements to layout designs. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of setting up your space for various types of events, with a specific focus on chairs, seating layout, and the best chairs for weddings and other events. Let’s dive in and discover how you can make your events shine!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Weddings: Considerations for Furniture Setup

When it comes to setting up weddings and formal events, one of the key considerations is whether the event will take place indoors or outdoors. For indoor weddings, you have the flexibility to use a variety of seating options, including Chiavari chairs, folding chairs, or banquet chairs. However, for outdoor events, it’s crucial to ensure that the furniture is weatherproof and can withstand various elements.

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Layout and Seating Arrangements: From Traditional to Modern Designs

The layout and seating arrangements at weddings and formal events play a significant role in creating the ambiance and overall experience for guests. Traditional weddings often feature a center aisle where the bride makes her grand entrance, flanked by rows of chairs on either side. Alternatively, some couples opt for side aisles on either side, creating a unique and intimate setting.

In modern weddings, couples may choose to forego the traditional aisle setup altogether and opt for a more contemporary design. This could involve a circular seating arrangement, with guests surrounding the couple as they exchange vows. Whatever the layout, the key is to create a comfortable and inviting space for guests to enjoy the celebration.

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Wedding Ceremony & Formal Event Chair Setup Options

Are your customers looking for bespoke events? Offering a variety of seating arrangements goes a long way in helping them craft the perfect event. Here are the best seating layouts for wedding ceremonies, formal events, graduations, and fundraisers.

  • Classic: Two rows of chairs facing the stage or wedding arch, with a wide center aisle between the rows.
  • Amphitheater (stadium) style: Arrange the chairs around all sides of the stage or central area. Chairs can be in straight rows (with four sections creating a square) or in a circular or semicircular shape. Add aisles.
  • Theater style: Long rows of chairs face the stage, with two aisles on either side of the seating for performers, speakers, or wedding party members to walk up.
  • The Chevron: Create chevron-style seating by angling rows of chairs for a unique effect. Organize the chairs to form a grand ‘V’ shape with a clear center aisle running through the rows, creating a visually stunning arrangement for a wedding ceremony or other formal event.
  • Spiral-style: Place a wedding arch or floral centerpiece in the middle of the area and arrange chairs in a spiral shape, lined up in one row, side by side and facing the center. This creates a spiral-shaped, winding aisle for the couple (or graduates or other honored guests) to walk through. It’s a modern, intimate seating arrangement that works best with groups under 100.
  • Banquet table: For events that will be serving a meal (either before or after a ceremony), a popular arrangement is to have guests seated cabaret-style, at round banquet tables. Chairs are placed partway around the table, with an empty space at the front of the table. This way, no one is sitting with their back to the stage, and everyone has a great view.
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Wooden Folding Chairs vs. Stacking Plastic or Metal Chairs

When selecting chairs for weddings and formal events, event and banquet managers often choose between folding chairs and stacking plastic or metal chairs. These types of chairs can be stored compactly between events and moved around your venue in carts. The best chairs for weddings, galas, ceremonies, and other formal events will depend on your venue’s style and the type of chairs that will meet your guests’ needs. Chairs need to be durable for commercial use, but they also need to be stylish and complement your venue’s décor. In addition, the color scheme of your event chairs needs to be neutral enough that they will complement your guests’ varied event color schemes.

Wood folding chairs are a popular choice for their convenience and timeless grace, adding a touch of sophistication to any event. The Milan Folding Chair by Holsag offers a distinctly elegant look and stands far above typical folding chairs in terms of aesthetics and comfort. This wood folding chair features a natural hardwood frame made of European Beechwood, with a comfortably padded seat and backrest in over 1,000 fabric options. Made in North America, this classic wooden folding chair is affordably priced for commercial hospitality environments.

On the other hand, stacking chairs are also popular for events and weddings. They are practical and versatile, offering easy setup and storage options. Classic wedding chair styles like the Chiavari Chair offer enduring popularity, although many people find these chairs uncomfortable. Modern stacking chair styles like the Vista Stacking Side Chair or the Dallas Stacking Side Chair offer a heightened degree of comfort and stability that many guests prefer.

Stacking Event Chair Styles

Ultimately, the choice between wood folding chairs and stacking chairs depends on the overall theme and aesthetic of the event. While wood folding chairs may elevate the look and feel of a formal wedding, stacking chairs may be more suitable for larger events where practicality is key.

Front 45 Angle of the Vista by Holsag
Monaco Arm Chair
Dallas Side Chair
Brooklyn Arm Chair
Easton Arm Chair
Carlo Chair
Holsag Stacking Chair CartDon’t forget the carts! 
Your team will speed through event setup with the right carts to move chairs around your facility. Shop for Stacking Chair Carts >>

A Word About Menu 

Another thing to consider when setting up an event or selecting chairs for your venue is the menu and food options you offer. Places that serve dark-colored liquids (such as red wine) will want to consider stain-resistant fabrics, fabric treatments, and darker colors. Hardwood and high-quality faux wood surfaces hold up well to all types of spills.  

Some event centers have multiple seating options for guests to select from when planning their event, and some chairs may only be available for events without food. If it would add to the beauty of events on your property, consider adding formal event-only chairs to your inventory that are made of more delicate fabrics, and keeping a large inventory of stain-resistant, heavy-duty banquet chairs for dinners and other events with food.

Making Your Events Sparkle: Tips for Hosting Inclusive and Memorable Events 

To make guests happy and stand out in the competitive event industry, it’s essential to make events and weddings at your venue sparkle. One way to do this is by creating inclusive environments that cater to a diverse range of guests. Consider implementing accessibility measures, such as ramps and designated seating areas for individuals with disabilities. When setting up chairs or banquet tables, ensure that there is ample space for wheelchairs so that individuals with accessibility needs can enjoy and recommend events at your property. 

Another way to make your events memorable is by paying attention to the small details, such as personalized decor, unique entertainment offerings, and delicious catering options. By going above and beyond to exceed the expectations of your clients and guests, you can ensure that your events leave a lasting impression. 

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Attracting More Bookings: Strategies for Event Managers and Banquet Centers 

In a saturated market, attracting more bookings for weddings and formal events can be challenging. However, by showcasing expertise, creativity, and attention to detail, your venue can set itself apart from the competition. Consider creating a portfolio of past events, promoting client testimonials, and collaborating with vendors to offer comprehensive event packages.

Additionally, leveraging social media platforms and online marketing strategies can help you reach a wider audience and attract potential clients. By showcasing your unique selling points and highlighting the value you bring to each event, you can position your venue as a top choice for weddings and formal events. 

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Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, setting up weddings and formal events requires a combination of creativity, attention to detail, and strategic planning. By selecting the right chairs, designing an engaging layout, and focusing on creating memorable experiences, event managers and banquet centers can elevate their services and attract more bookings. Remember, the key is to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the unique personalities and preferences of each couple. Start planning your next event today and watch it shine! 

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